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The people and brands behind some of the most incredible projects that we have recently seen. Often they do not get the recognition they deserve. A project to acknowledge their hard work and passion — a curation of content with the sole purpose of giving credit and recognition.

The Name

The industry is alive & constantly changing, so a format was needed that will allow us to embrace such a fast pace,  free of constraints and regularly reporting updates.

Clear Box

It is an analogy of how MURPH sees the industry & the work of the selected profiles and brands: honest, functional and aesthetic. The box lets you see-through so that insiders can look outside for inspiration, and outsiders can see what’s inside.

Nine Categories

They reflect the complexity of the different aspects of the creative process. Bringing a project to life requires different professionals that understand and support each other throughout the creation & production process. Each category has its relevance in the fashion industry and adds value differently.

Owning a Freeport, you will periodically receive new cards with fresh profiles that create new projects or enhance existing ones. You can collect the cards inside the box & keep increasing your collection and use it for inspiration, selecting emerging profiles, or just for fun.

Four Profiles

“If you haven’t heard their name yet, you will soon.”
The names you will see belong to different stages of the creative process. Their input is crucial from styling to scenography, and often, their work is not acknowledged enough; they deserve a special shout-out!

Not for sale

Keep in mind that both physical and digital versions are not available for sale nor purchase. To get your hands on one contact us for further information below.


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Freeport by MURPH
Not available for sale or purchase