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MURPH emerges as a project encompassing a  integrate service proposal that includes the creation and support of the communication areas, digital marketing, logistics and production within the design and fashion industry (That Thing),  a Creative Lab (XXV Generation) and a niche media publishing group (25 Gramos, Fleek, Libra, Lenders Magazine, Le Game B and Dezainaa).

All our clients are established or up-and-coming international players in the design and fashion industries having a well-positioned brand and a distinctive product design.

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Email  – info[@]murph.eu

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‘We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down, and worry about our place in the dirt’

Business Strategy

Leading fashion + beauty + design consulting working with key fashion environment drivers.

After many years of advising different fashion & design brands, we can sum our methodology upon a tour that includes a first step full of information and the brand’s problems. Then, we’ll make a diagnosis that may necessitate the redefinition of these problems. And finally, we will come out with recommendations and a commitment to facilitate brand learning to teach it how to resolve similar issues in the future.

Scenario analysis

Where first conclusions born
  • Market analysis – the big picture
  • Niche analysis – who is next to me
  • Interest over time – about brand and kind of product
  • Comprehensive definition of the brand’s target
  • Top trends over a certain period of time
  • Ecomm, retailing & etailing breakdown


Let's meet the other players!
  • Exhaustive selection of competing brands
  • Popularity over time and locations
  • Social media awareness & Traffic analysis
  • Target and demographics
  • Catalogue review
  • Branding position map

Positioning & identity

How we are going to get it
  • Other brands strategies analysis
  • Pros & cons of the product and market
  • Population pyramid
  • Target definition
  • Positioning strategy proposal
  • Concept map
  • Channels & platforms selection
  • Branding: messages tone & style, and claims proposal


Your new starting point
  • Global retrotiming
  • Social media KPIs & proposal
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social ads forecast & proposal
  • CRM workflows & strategy
  • Media strategy & branded contents
  • Etailing + Affiliate strategy
  • Needs & next steps