✶ Consulting & creative digital agency dealing with fashion and technology ✶


We are an independent digital and consulting agency driven by culture, fashion and digital realities that blends skills across a forward-looking design, content and digital media to create high-impact ideas and strategies – including technology services.

We are business-to-human based, working with creative visionaries, players and industry leaders to create avant-garde communicational solutions for any size fashion, beauty and lifestyle business.

(The Team)

Here we are, in no particular order, the people who give meaning to this thing we call MURPH. Ale & Román, Román & Ale. CEOs and founders. The proper A/B side. Alejandra, Ménez & Jose, the digital, art & tech department heads, respectively. Social media or performance issues are in the hands of Valeria, Camila and Ira. Same table, there is Celia, Luis and Dulce who make all things work in UI, UX and programming topics. Pati, Adri, Jimena and Gonzalo who exist to make everything look more beautiful everyday with their supreme eye and talent. Paula and Laura transform production impossibilities into reality, they make magic. Myriam and Uma taking control of every office detail. And the appendix, often replacing the heart’s role, features ‘Veinticinco,’ where Pau Pia, Fer and Albert are together against the furious but astonishing environment of editorial fashion.

(Office / photography studio)

Discover more information about our unique space and studio in Pintor Rosales, Madrid here.